Ranking the Big Ten's Football Coaching Jobs in 2015 (Expert Poll)

Athlon asked Big Ten experts to rank the best jobs in the league.

Is it easier to win at Ohio State or Michigan? Wisconsin or Nebraska?


Which program provides the most support? Which program has access to the best players? Which program has proven it can succeed at a high level over time? Which program has the most pressure to win?


These are all the questions head coaches must ask themselves when deciding to accept a job or not.


So Athlon Sports asked some respected Big Ten minds one question: Where would you want to coach if the slates (rosters, sanctions, etc.) were wiped clean and all 14 jobs were available?


The Voting Panel:


Gerry DiNardo, Big Ten Network

Teddy Greenstein, Chicago Tribune

Adam Rittenberg, ESPN

Dave Revsine, Big Ten Network

Kevin McGuire, College Football Talk

Sean Callahan, HuskerOnline.com

Tom Dienhart, Big Ten Network

Herb Gould, Chicago Sun-Times

Brent Yarina, Big Ten Network

Kevin Noon, BuckeyeGrove.com

Braden Gall, Athlon Sports/SiriusXM


The Results:


Voting: A first place vote was worth one point and a last place vote was worth 14 points.


Rk Job Votes
1. 11 (11)
Ohio State landed all 11 first place votes. Huge money, huge fan support and a huge track record of winning. There is only one B1G team that's played in the national title game since 1997.
2. 24
Michigan got nine of the 11 second-place votes as clearly the No. 2 job in the Big Ten. The stadium has been updated and history has proven you can win big. The Wolverines are the only other B1G team to win a national title since the 60s.
3. 35
Despite the recent scandal, Penn State still offers huge upside and a chance to win a national championship and arguably the best stadium/fan support in the league. A drop in talent in the state has hurt the program slightly, but with two second-place votes, PSU is clearly a top tier job in the league.
4. 53
The second tier in the Big Ten is Wisconsin, Nebraska and Michigan State. The Badgers have some issues with admissions and facilities but those things are being addressed. A gorgeous campus, stadium and elite fan support has elevated this job into national prominence. However, coaches have left for a reason and the instate talent isn't overwhelming.
5. 55
The Huskers stock has dropped nationally but Lincoln is still a great place to coach. Unbelievable facilities and fan support make winning here easier than most places. However, the pressure to win no longer matches the current difficulties this program faces in recruiting.
6. 56
This program has elevated it's stock in the last ten years by proving it can sustain high-level success. Nothing about this program is elite but there are no weaknesses — other than being located in an area that is producing less talent than ever before.
7t. 86
The Terps tied with Iowa as the clear middle-tier jobs in the Big Ten. Maryland has a rich recruiting base and the support of an apparel company backing them up every step of the way. The stadium, fan support and history isn't as rich as Iowa's but is solid nevertheless.
7t. 86
The fan support is there. The stadium is electric. And there is some history of success in Iowa City. However, there isn't a lot of talent in-state or in the region and expansion has dropped Iowa a few spots down the B1G hierarchy.
9. 108
The Fighing Illini have seen better days. There is rich pockets of success and the state has some talent, however, the support from fans and administration is lacking compared to the Big Ten big boys. There is a reason Illinois has two outright league titles since the early 1960s.
10. 111
The Gophers have a brand new stadium and a beautiful downtown setting. However, it's hard to get recruits to The Twin Cities and the program won't ever be confused with the bigger, more powerful jobs in the B1G. It's a tough sell.
11. 120
The recruiting base is solid and it's the top progam in one of the country's biggest cities. However, the academic school won't ever provide the Saturday atmosphere like a Penn State or Ohio State. It takes a special coach with special ties to stick it out longterm in Evanston.
12. 121
Possibly the most underrated program on this list, many have believed for a long time that Rutgers has plenty of upward mobility. Greg Schiano proved that by building through the rich instate recruiting base. There is zero tradition and the athletic department has seen better days.
13. 140
Few programs in the nation appear to have as few advantages as Purdue. The facilities aren't special, the talent base is lacking, West Fafayette isn't exactly a destination and there are only one real pocket of success (Joe Tiller).
14. 149
The Hoosiers have started to invest more in football of late but this will always be a basketball-first program. There isn't a large pool of talent to cull and Indiana is the third-best football program in the state. There is a reason winning here is so hard.


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