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Expert Poll: Ranking College Football's Best Mascots

Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado Buffaloes

Personalities and college football experts on SiriusXM College Sports Nation ranked the nation’s top 16 quarterbacks, running backs, coaching staffs, defenses, head coaches, mascots, stadiums, uniforms and fan bases and you can hear in-depth analysis on College Sports Nation, Ch. 84.

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Among those taking part are former Alabama national championship quarterback Greg McElroy, former Miami and North Carolina head coach Butch Davis, College Football Hall of Famer Lou Holtz, hosts Chris Childers, Chris Carlin, Mark Packer, myself as well as producers Mike Garvin, Dan Bezilla and Regina Ham, in a collection of expert polls titled #SXMTop16.

Today, we take a look at the mascots. Chime in with your rankings!

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1. Mike The Tigers, LSU

There can’t be anything more intimidating than a 600-pound real Tiger welcoming you to the gridiron.  Which is what LSU’s opponents walk past right before they take the field in Tiger Stadium – as if 100,000 LSU fans wasn’t enough. The tradition began in 1936 and has been a staple in Baton Rouge ever since.

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2. Uga, Georgia

The beautiful English bulldog that represents Georgia football has been a part of games in Athens since 1956. He has his own air-conditioned seat for the game and all Ugas are memorialized in a mausoleum near the main entrance of Sanford Stadium. Uga X, “Que”, is the current mascot.

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3. Ralphie, Colorado

The pre-game running of Ralphie at Colorado home games is one of the coolest sights in college football. She — yes, it is and has always been a female bison – parades the team onto Folsom Field before the start of each half. Ralphie V weighs roughly 500 pounds.

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4. The Tree, Stanford

The goofiest and silliest of all mascots deserves high marks simply for making people smile. I can’t explain it, but every time I see this Tree prancing around, I laugh. Since 1975, this bug-eyed bizarro has been befuddling opposing fans.

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5. Sparty, Michigan State

The Spartans have one of the purest mascots in the game. Sparty is an overly muscular caricature of the Greek warriors Michigan State is named after. He is a prototypical mascot.

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6. The Mountaineer, West Virginia

The official mascot of WVU football is traditionally selected annually from the student body population. There is a lengthy interview process and the eventual winner gets a hand-tailored costume and “must” attend every Mountaineer home and away football and basketball games. Pretty sweet gig if you can grow a killer beard.

7. Puddles, Oregon

Based on Disney’s Donald Duck, Puddles rides motorcycles, does push-ups, harasses Lee Corso and has a generally awesome time. He’s also been known to get into some trouble with opposing mascots from time to time as well. Oh, those tricky Ducks.

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8. Bevo, Texas

As majestic a mascot as there is in college sports, Bevo “patrols” the Texas sidelines. And by patrol, we mean stands. The massive Texas steer has been on the sidelines in Austin since 1916 and has had 14 different generations.

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9. Big Al, Alabama

What exactly is a Crimson Tide? Technically, it’s a mass of Alabama players covered in mud wearing crimson (in 1907). But Big Al came around 23 years later when a sports writer coined the phrase “Red Elephants” to describe the unbeaten 1930 squad. And both names stuck ever since.

10. Chief Osceola, Florida State

The entrance is spectacular. A flaming spear firmly planted at midfield is just cool. Chief Osceola, based off and approved by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, rides his Appaloosa horse Renegade into every Florida State home game.

11. Brutus, Ohio State

12. Big Red, Nebraska

13. Smokey, Tennessee

14. Otto, Syracuse

15. War Eagle/Aubie, Auburn

16. Albert (and Alberta), Florida

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