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The First Weekend of the 2015 College Football Season Taught Us Nothing


Its great to have football that matters back on our television, but let's be honest — Week 1 of the 2015 college football season didn't really show us anything we didn't already know.

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Let's review:

TCU is supposed to be a national title contender. Minnesota is supposed to be one of the Big Ten's most formidable teams. Both looked the part, with TCU's Trevone Boykin showing flashes of what he is capable of against a defense we knew would be tough and might be the catalyst that propels Minnesota to the top of the Big Ten West. The end result was a tough, respectable road win for the Horned Frogs and a "good loss" for the Gophers.

We figured Michigan would look a little better — and the Wolverines did. That said, we also knew they had huge question marks at quarterback. Three interceptions later, those questions still remain. Utah is a tough out for most teams on most days, forget that it was under the lights at home for the Utes. This one went as planned, and we know nothing more about either team than we did a week ago.

We thought Notre Dame might be good and Texas might be bad. What we don't know is whether or not the outcome in South Bend on Saturday was because Notre Dame is really good or Texas is really bad. Perhaps both?

Surprise! Everett Golson still knows how to play quarterback at a high level. Not shocking, considering Golson is one of only two quarterbacks on a current FBS roster to start in a national championship game. He's proven winner and Florida State will probably be just fine once again in the ACC.

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Alabama is still good enough to stop one-dimensional teams, especially with a full offseason to prepare for the game. Wisconsin is replacing a coach, last season's Heisman Trophy runner-up at running back and a handful of linemen. It’s tough to gauge the reality of their situation against Nick Saban's bunch.

UCLA is really good and so is their freshman quarterback — just like we thought they'd be. Yawn. Bring on the Pac-12 schedule already.

Nebraska might have looked better — I guess. We can't really tell, largely because we think BYU is pretty good. Or maybe they aren't. Were the Huskers able to stay in the game because of Taysom Hill's injury? Who knows? And then this thing ends on a Hail Mary. Perfect.

We knew Lane Stadium at night was tough. We knew Ohio State was really good but were without some of their best players. We knew Virginia Tech was loaded on defense. We knew it might be a close game early on. But we already knew that Ohio State was the top team in the country. The Buckeyes only reaffirmed this in a hostile environment. We did learn that Cardale Jones would be the starter, but for how long? Will Urban Meyer reverse the roles of Jones and J.T. Barrett from week to week, depending on the opponent?

Everyone else played close games or cupcakes. Most of the close games were expected to be close. Some teams took care of the cupcakes with ease. Some took a little longer to pull away. Some didn't pull away. 

It was a lot to take in... or was it? I'm just not sure. It was one week, but you are going to read endless pieces between now and kickoff of the second week of games — most of which are going to talk about everything we learned.

And yet we learned nothing.

— Written by J.P. Scott, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Scott is the editor-in-chief of, a Big Ten site for Big Ten fans. Follow him on Twitter @TheJPScott.