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Florida State Creates Courses Designed to Keep Football Players Out of Trouble


If you're a recruit thinking about going to Florida State but scared of the trouble you might get into, then they have a solution for you.

Florida State has started to implement multiple programs to give those Seminoles a fighting chance of staying out of trouble. There's a course designed around the many responsibilities of student-athletes. Although these courses are open to other students, they are a requirement for players. Drug and alcohol abuse, pair with guest speakers are the areas of focus for this class.

Another new frontier Florida State is embarking on is how to deal with money. Student-athletes need to learn how to manage their finances, and the school is planning to help in that area.

"We feel that when it's a course the individual has to invest more into as opposed to when it's an expert coming in talking to the kids," Florida State AD Stan Wilcox told the Palm Beach Post. "They'll touch a good portion of them but there won't be a time they won't get to some kids and then that person is gone. If it's a course that's required the kids have to be vested in it and they have to get more out of it."

Based on the recent activities of De'Andre Johnson and Dalvin Cook, implementing new courses certainly couldn't hurt.