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Former Alabama Player Names The Loss That Brought Nick Saban To Tears

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Nick Saban.

Nick Saban doesn't show emotion very often. When he does, he's either red in the face and screaming at a player or smiling while holding a championship trophy. But has the Alabama head coach ever been brought to tears by the sport?

According to former Alabama football player Christian Jones, Nick Saban was crying after the Crimson Tide lost to Auburn in 2013; the infamous "kick-six" game. Saban wasn't alone. 

In a new book by John Talty of, it details how Saban and most of the players had tears in their eyes following the loss. Jones even described it as a "funeral moment."

“You walk in and everyone is crying. Fifty percent crying and 50 percent tearing up,” Jones says in the book, via Saturday Down South. “Coach Saban was in tears — he could barely talk. His face was red. Everyone was emotional; it was a funeral moment.”

We don't blame Nick Saban or the players at all. The kick-six game is still one of the most unbelievable moments in the sport's history. 

Alabama was a few feet away from winning on a field goal, but it of course fell short and Chris Davis returned in 109 yards the other way for a game-winning touchdown. 

The Crimson Tide saw their championship dreams vanish that night. They went on to lose to Oklahoma 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl. Auburn, meanwhile, fell to Florida State in the BCS National Championship. A bitter end for both programs.