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Former Alabama Star Says 1 SEC Coach Has Already Been Told He's Fired

Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin

Several major college football programs, including Arizona State, Nebraska and Georgia Tech, have fired their respective head coaches. Could a prominent SEC team be next?

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron said on the 'Slow News Day With Kevin Clark' podcast this week that Auburn's Bryan Harsin has already been told he's losing his job. 

Harsin and the Auburn Tigers, meanwhile, are off to a 3-1 start to the 2022 season, but it's uglier than it sounds. Harsin's team was blown out at home by Penn State and barely beat Missouri. 

The clock is ticking on Harsin's days at Auburn, per McCarron. 

"There's so many coaching changes going on in college," said McCarron. "Guys really don't get a whole lotta time. You look at [Bryan] Harsin for example. What I'm hearing from my sources over there is Harsin's already been told he's done after this year."

AJ McCarron goes on to say the Penn State blowout loss is what started the actual conversation about moving on from Bryan Harsin. 

The reality is thought that Bryan Harsin is still employed. If he was told he was being fired it's tough to imagine him sticking around to keep coaching. 

Should the Tigers really move on from Harsin this season? All signs point to yes.