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Former Illinois Football Player Simon Cvijanovic Blasts Coach Tim Beckman on Twitter

Tim Beckman

Tim Beckman

It’s no secret Illinois’ coach Tim Beckman is on the hot seat entering 2015. Beckman’s win total has improved by two games in back-to-back years after winning only two games in his debut. However, after a 6-7 record in 2014, it’s critical for Beckman to post a winning mark in 2015.

And Beckman is only going to be under more scrutiny in 2015 after a series of tweets from former player Simon Cvijanovic (@IlliniSi on Twitter).

The tweets from Cvijanovic are only one side of the story, and there are others who came to the Beckman’s defense on Sunday night. 

Which side is more believable? We've collected some of Cvijanovic's tweets, as well as some from other players (current and former) and other sources.