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Former Louisville Wide Receiver Blasts Scott Satterfield For Leaving

Scott Satterfield, Louisiville Cardinals Football

Scott Sattefield

Scott Satterfield is leaving Louisville to become the next head coach of its long-time rival, Cincinnati, and it's rubbed people the wrong way.

Dez Fitzpatrick, the Tennessee Titans wide receiver who played for Satterfield during the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, is calling out the coach for, again, being dishonest.

"When the South Carolina job rumors were floating around, he MADE US tweet about how well he was treating us good, but wouldn’t tell his players that he was leaving in person!" Fitzpatrick tweeted on Monday. "He was NEVER honest with us!"

Satterfield became the Cardinals' head coach before the 2019 season. He turned a defeated 2-10 program in 2018 on its head, leading Louisville to an 8-5 season during his first season in 2019. A 4-7 season in 2020 and his downplayed interest in the vacant South Carolina coaching job abruptly halted any excitement about the Cardinals' football future.

Satterfield kept his interest and meeting with South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner from his players, leaving them to find out about his flirtations from the media. 

Hence, Fitzpatrick's tweets.

“I am sorry,” Satterfield wrote in a letter to Louisville season ticket holders after the South Carolina controversy in 2020. “I should have communicated my commitment to you and to our program with clarity, and better conveyed my confidence that this is the place for me and for my family. I am proud, honored and humbled to represent this university as your head football coach."

Two years later, Satterfield officially switched sides. He becomes Cincinnati's head coach shortly before Louisville and Cincinnati are set to play in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl on Dec. 17.

There's no apologizing his way out of this one. Current and former Louisville players, like Fitzpatrick, showed their displeasure with Satterfield on social media.

The 49-year-old coach boasted a 25-24 overall record — including an 0-3 stint against arch-rival Kentucky — in his four years at Louisville.

In Cincinnati's statement, Satterfield said he and his family "have admired [Cincinnati] and [its] athletic department from afar for many years." 

Now, they'll move from Louisville all 100 miles to Cincinnati to "compete for championships," Satterfield said.