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Former Texas A&M Trainer Claims He Was Pressured to Clear Players


When it comes to student-athletes, people would like to think that their safety comes first. 

A former Texas A&M trainer will appear on an upcoming HBO Real Sports special and his claims should be of no surprise to some. Karl Kapchinski was fired by the Aggies school in 2013 after giving them 31 years of his best effort. He's now going on the record saying that coaches from the football team pressured him to clear players to get back on the field before they were ready. In some cases, it lead to them getting injured even more.

Here's the transcript via the Austin-American Statesman:

JON FRANKEL: Did you ever feel pressured to return a player to the field before you thought he was ready?

KARL KAPCHINSKI: I would say yes.

JON FRANKEL: Did you ever have a coach say to you, 'I need this kid back?'

KARL KAPCHINSKI: Yes. They would always, you know ten to put pressure on you to get good players back.

JON FRANKEL: Is there anybody you put back into a game and you said, ‘Mm, I wish I hadn’t done that?’

JON FRANKEL: Because it went against your better judgment, or because it resulted in the player limpin’ off the field two plays later?
KARL KAPCHINSKI: Because it resulted in the player having a subsequent injury.

JON FRANKEL: If you said to a coach, ‘Coach, I know we said it was gonna be four weeks, but we need an extra week.’ What would the coach say to you?
KARL KAPCHINSKI: You would be challenged on your character, your credentials. You know, maybe you were the wrong guy for the job.

Those are damning claims and it should be noted that Kapchinski filed a lawsuit against the school last year, claiming he was termination because of his age.