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Report: College Football Coach Shatters Glass Window During Saturday Game

Fresno State helmet.

 A disturbing report out of Fresno State has come to light this Monday. 

A Fresno State coach reportedly smashed a glass window in the coaches' box during the Bulldogs' game vs. San Jose State last Saturday. 

To make matters worse, shards of lass fell on fans below the coaches' box and many came away injured as a result. 

Fresno State is placing this unnamed coach on administrative leave. 

"Unfortunately, some fans were injured during last night's football game as a result of glass that fell after a member of the coaching staff broke the window in the coach's box above a seating section. We want to emphasize that the safety of our fans is a high priority and the Athletic Department deeply regrets that this incident occurred. A member of the coaching staff has been placed on administrative leave until an investigation has been completed," said Fresno State's athletic director, via ABC30.

The only acceptable outcome from Saturday's disturbing development. 

A coach losing his cool is one thing; to smash a window and injure fans, as a result, is another. 

Fresno State made the right move here.