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Greg McElroy Calls On SEC To Make Notable Scheduling Change

Greg McElroy

Greg McElroy

What's colloquially referred to as the SEC's "Cupcake Week" is fast approaching. This slate of games, which are typically one-sided and feature non-conference opposition, have proven polarizing among college football fans. 

Former Alabama Crimson Tide and NFL quarterback Greg McElroy offered a solution to level the playing field. Taking aim at noncompetitive matchups, McElroy proposed "Lettuce Week." The football commentator expounded on his pitch. 

"I want to see this week completely destroyed," McElroy said. "We should be peaking at this point in the season in excitement. This should technically, by the letter of the law, be the second most important week of the regular season."

An argument in favor of keeping the SEC's current structure in place is that an amendment would rob lesser programs of the opportunity to compete on the national stage. And - while rare - upsets do occur in ostensibly lopsided matchups. 

Most notably, in 2007 the ULM Warhawks stunned Alabama with a 21-14 upset victory. Shockers such as these would go by the wayside if McElroy's sweeping changes went into effect. 

But, more realistically, scheduling changes would result in more competitive matchups that fans crave. An early peek at "Cupcake Week" betting lines reveal the one-sided nature of these games. 

As of this writing, the Missouri Tigers have a spread of -28.5 over the New Mexico State Aggies. Similarly, the Texas A&M Aggies have a herculean -33.5 spread against the UMass Minutemen.

Aside from fans of these programs who would like to see their teams cruise to no-sweat winners, these games serve little purpose. McElroy may be onto something by proposing an overhaul.