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Gunner Kiel: Indiana to LSU to Notre Dame Indecision


By Patrick Snow (@AthlonSnowman)

It happens every year during college football’s recruiting season. Top gridiron prospects “verbally commit” to one school, and then change their mind (multiple times in some cases) before attending another school. The infamous “verbal commitment” label that the recruiting services use has sadly become a joke for many kids. They “commit” to one program to hopefully hold a roster spot, and then are still pursued by other coaches and often are swayed to another school at the last minute. We saw a very high-profile example of this trend earlier this week when one of the top quarterback recruits in the AC100, Gunner Kiel of Columbus, Ind., reneged on his promise to attend LSU and changed to Notre Dame at the 11th hour. Of course, his LSU decision came after reneging on his commitment to Indiana back in the fall. The number of these de-commitments goes up each year, as a sadly increasing number of recruits and college coaches show that their word means little to nothing.