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Here's What Scott Frost Reportedly Told Nebraska When He Got Hired

Nebraska Football: Scott Frost Gaining, Retaining More Elite Talent Than Seen in Decades

Scott Frost

Scott Frost had a vision for Nebraska football when he was hired back in Dec. of 2017. Unfortunately, that vision never materialized and now Frost finds himself without a job.

Frost reportedly wanted to combined the tradition of tough-nosed Nebraska football with Oregon's style of football predicated on finesse and speed. It sounded too good to be true and it ultimately was. 

“Scott said, ‘I want to have the Husker toughness and the Oregon finesse,’ ” Bill Moos, the retired Nebraska athletic director who hired Frost, said Tuesday, via On3. “That recipe just never really folded into a good product.”

The troubling aspect of all this is Bill Moos saw Scott Frost's vision for Nebraska making its way into practice. It simply never manifested itself on the gridiron. 

“I went to practice every Wednesday just to watch the game plan being put in,” said Bill Byrne, the athletic director when Nebraska won three national championships in the 1990s. “I watched the wars on the line of scrimmage. And it was a war.”

It sounds like a recruiting issue. Scott Frost has never been a recruiting fanatic. He infamously admitted at Oregon his troubles getting top-tier recruits from across the country to come to Eugene. Mario Cristobal and now Dan Lanning dispelled that myth quickly. 

Frost's successor better know how to recruit. The Huskers need a quick influx of talent.