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Horned Frog Eggs

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A tailgate favorite!  Can’t make enough. Easy to prepare and easy to eat at a tailgate party before game time. I pre-cook the Horned Frog Eggs on my barbeque smoker before the tailgate. The cooked Horned Frog Eggs can be refrigerated and then warmed on a tailgate grill.  You can also prepare the Horned Frog Eggs and cook them directly on the tailgate grill if you don’t have time to pre-cook (smoke) the Horned Frog Eggs.

Jalapeno peppers Cream cheese
Yellow food coloring
Pan Sausage (I like to use Jimmy Dean Sausage) Bacon Strips (optional)
Garlic Powder
Barbeque rub (I like to use Rudy’s Barbeque rub)
Ranch Style dressing (optional)

Cut stems off jalapenos, cut jalapenos in half (cross cut, not length cut).  Core and remove the jalapeno seeds and veins.  Place soften cream cheese in a bowl and mix the yellow food coloring into cream cheese (until the cream cheese looks the color of an egg yolk).  Stuff each jalapeno half with some yellow cream cheese.

Finely dice a small onion. Mix onion, sausage and garlic powder  (to taste).  Pat sausage until flat, then wrap each stuffed jalapeno half with the sausage mixture into a ball shaped like an egg, about 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter. Don’t make the sausage too thick around the stuff jalapeno, but make sure the jalapeno is sealed so the cream cheese does not leak out during cooking. Sprinkle the ball with your favorite barbeque rub. Optional: Wrap the ball with ½ slice of bacon (can secure with a toothpick).

Smoke the Horned Frog Eggs at 225-250 until done. The cooking time on the smoker will generally be about 1 to 1 ½ hours.   You can cook (or reheat) on the tailgate grill until done (or warm).  Remove toothpicks before serving.

With the toothpick removed, slice the hot Horned Frog Eggs in half before serving. The sliced halves will resemble eggs!  Serve hot off the grill! Some like to dip them in Ranch Style dressing (optional).  Post-game, I cook Horned Frog Eggs for the Offensive Line, but the players eat them before I have time to cut them in half! Horned Frog Eggs are true tailgate favorites!  Enjoy….GO FROGS!

Recipe submitted by By John T. Wooldridge,  Sr. (Dad of TCU Offensive Lineman, John Wooldridge, Jr., #75)