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Internet Fooled By Fake Fat Jameis Winston Photo


Separating facts from fiction during the run-up to the NFL Draft is tough enough.

Now, we’ve got to contend with bad Photoshops, or at least optical illusions.

Someone posted a photo of a tubby-looking Jameis Winston on Twitter on Saturday. Folks with a good eye drew attention to Winston’s shadow not matching up with his gut plus that absurdly skinny waist.

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The image didn’t stand up to close scrutiny, but it was just enough to fool the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen.

George Whtifield, the QB coach preparing Winston for the draft, told The Big Lead the photo was taken in mid-January, and, no, Winston does not have a gut. Maybe it was a bad angle. Maybe it was that leash around his waist. Winston will be at the NFL Combine this week.

Sander Philipse of SBNation’s Bucs Nation traced the fakery back to Barstool Sports, a site that probably doesn’t adhere to the most strict journalistic standards.