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Jalen Hurts Almost Transferred To These 2 Schools After Leaving Alabama

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts began his collegiate career at the University of Alabama and ended it at the University of Oklahoma. 

However, the talented dual-threat quarterback was actually considering two other schools before transferring to Oklahoma. 

Hurts was considering transferring to Miami and Maryland, per Alabama's Nick Saban. 

Saban convinced Hurts to go to Oklahoma because it had the best offensive players at the time. 

"Saban said Jalen Hurts wanted to transfer to Maryland or Miami, but Saban asked him: 'Who's got the best players on offense?' He said Oklahoma, and I said, 'That's where you need to go.' ... And hell, I told him to do it knowing that we might have to play against him,'" said Saban, via Charlie Potter.

Jalen Hurts flourished playing for Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma offense. It's what solidified his NFL Draft status. 

Now, Hurts is shining for the Eagles of Philadelphia. The NFC East franchise is the only unbeaten team in the League right now at 4-0.

It'd be fascinating to see how Hurts' career might have panned out if he chose Miami or Maryland instead of Oklahoma years ago.