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Jim Harbaugh Fires Back At Penn State's James Franklin

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines Football

Jim Harbaugh has never been afraid to stir the pot.

This week, he's taking aim at Penn State head coach James Franklin with an incendiary comment.

Two weeks ago, during Michigan's win over Penn State, the two teams got into a skirmish at halftime as both were waiting in the Michigan Stadium tunnel. In the following days, Franklin blamed the fact that the stadium only has one tunnel as the root of the issue, calling the layout "a problem."

Harbaugh has a different opinion about what caused the shoving match. He blames Franklin.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Harbaugh accused Penn State players and coaches of "keeping us out of our own locker room" and called Franklin "the ringleader," according to Anthony Broome of The Wolverine.

"Jim Harbaugh on PSU taking issue with Michigan’s tunnel: 'I’ve got bigger fish to fry than Coach Franklin’s opinion on our tunnel a week ago… Such a sophomoric ploy to keep us out of our own locker room. Looked like he was the ring leader of all of it.'" -- Anthony Broome

Michigan, which was idle this weekend, beat Penn State 41-17, perhaps freeing Harbaugh to jab at Franklin. 

This should add some fuel to next year's annual meeting between the Nittany Lions and Wolverines, although that game will be played at Penn State's Beaver Stadium, where each team gets a tunnel, so perhaps that will deter any future fighting between the two teams.