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Jim Harbaugh Reveals There's Additional Stadium Tunnel Footage

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Football

Following Michigan's 29-7 victory over Michigan State this weekend, a scuffle broke out in the tunnel of Michigan Stadium.

News of the incident first broke shortly after the conclusion of the game, where a video showed several Spartans appearing to prevent a Michigan player from entering the Wolverine locker room. 

Today, Wolverine head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media and said that there's additional camera footage from ABC which "shows everything" and that he'd "be shocked if there’s not serious criminal charges." 

"Harbaugh says there is ABC tunnel camera footage that shows everything and it’s crystal clear what happened. He’d be shocked if there’s not serious criminal charges. Called it egregious and sickening," Brandon Brown tweeted Monday morning. 

While the ABC camera footage Harbaugh referenced hasn't been released to the public, the Michigan coach said that he would be shocked if it doesn't lead to serious criminal charges.

Harbaugh also noted in his media session that he wants a "full, timely and thorough investigation" and would like accountability to be taken for the incident. 

The Wolverines will hope for more answers this week as they prepare to take on Rutgers this Saturday.