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Jim Leonhard Is Trending For Significant College Football Job Opening

Jim Leonhard

Jim Leonhard

When the Wisconsin Badgers made a big splash by hiring Luke Fickell, it left interim coach Jim Leonhard as the odd man out. The 40-year-old Leonhard coached to a 4-3 record in his abridged season leading Wisconsin, and was ostensibly done for the time being as a head coach. 

But now, in the wake of Purdue coach Jeff Brohm leaving the program, the football world is calling for Leonhard to be considered for the Boilermakers vacancy. 

Zach Shaw, a beat writer for 247Sports, was among the first journalists to publicly tie Leonhard to Purdue. 

"Purdue is now on the clock. Boilermakers may be tempted to go with an offensive option, but Leonhard is right there," he tweeted.

Members of Purdue's coaching staff may remember Leonhard from Wisconsin's 35-24 win over the Boilermakers earlier this season. Leonhard helped the Badgers execute on their game plan, and rejuvenated a then-lethargic offense. 

Leonhard's tenure as interim coach would grow more tumultuous from there, as Wisconsin finished with an underwhelming 6-6 record. But the NFL veteran apparently made enough of an impression during that time to warrant consideration for permanent coaching jobs. 

After he was hired, Fickell mentioned he'd like to retain Leonhard at Wisconsin. But if the Purdue position materializes for Leonhard, that won't be an option.