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Jokes About TCU Rivals


Here are some of our favorite jokes about TCU's biggest rivals.

• What does a SMU fan do when the Mustangs win the BCS championship? He turns off the PlayStation.

• How many Baylor fans does it take to change a flat tire? Just one . . . unless it’s a blowout, then they all show up!

• Where was O.J. headed in the white Bronco? Texas Tech. He knew that the police would never look there for a Heisman Trophy winner.

• What's the difference between a litter of puppies and Texas fans? Eventually puppies grow up and stop whining.

• Why don’t Texas Tech fans eat barbecue beans? Because they keep falling through the holes in the grill.

• What do you call a beautiful woman on the arm of a Baylor fan? A tattoo.

• Did you hear what happened to the Texas fan when he found out that 90% of all car accidents occur within five miles of home? He moved. 

• Did you hear that Texas Tech's football team doesn't have a website? The Red Raiders can't string three "Ws" together.

• Things you will never hear a Baylor fan say: I have reviewed your application.

• You know you’re from Lubbock if...Someone asks to see your ID and you show them your belt buckle.

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