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Jokes About USC Rivals

Here are some of our favorite jokes about USC's biggest rivals.

• What does a UCLA fan do when the Bruins win the BCS championship?
He turns off the PlayStation.

• A man in a bar leans over to the guy next to him and asks, "Wanna hear an Arizona State joke?" The guy next to him replies, "Look, fella, I'm six feet tall, 200 pounds, and I'm an Arizona State grad. The guy next to me is 6-2, 225, and he's an Arizona State grad. The big dude next to him is 6-5, weighs 250, and he's an Arizona State grad. You still wanna tell that joke?" The first man replies: "Not if I'm gonna have to explain it three times."

• What do you call a Bruin in a BCS bowl game? 
A referee.

• Did you hear that UCLA's football team doesn't have a website? 
The Bruins can't string three "Ws" together.

• How does a UCLA fan count to 10?
0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4….

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• Why is Notre Dame replacing the turf in its stadium with cardboard?
The Irish always look better on paper.

• What do you call a beautiful woman on the arm of a Notre Dame fan?
A Tattoo.

• The Foo Fighters are playing at the Rose Bowl this fall. 
They're 10-point favorites.

• You know you’re from Oregon if:
You’ve ever climbed a water tower with a bucket of paint to defend your sister’s honor.

• Things you will never hear an Arizona State fan say:
I have reviewed your application.

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