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Kevin Warren Has Honest Admission On His Relationship With The Pac-12 Commissioner

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren

Kevin Warren and the Big Tens shook up the college sports world this year by adding USC and UCLA to the conference. The move will be made official in 2024. It's a significant hit to the Pac-12. 

Originally, the Pac-12 formed a so-called "alliance" with Warren, the Big Ten and the ACC in the midst of the SEC's expansion efforts. However, only a handshake agreement was in place. Warren broke the alliance by adding USC and UCLA to the conference. 

Are there any hard feelings between Warren and Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff following what transpired during the offseason? Warren admits the two smoothed things out recently. 

"We hugged it out in California (at Rose Bowl meetings). He’s a good man and I’ve got great respect for him," said Warren. 

It looks like both are handling this in a professional manner. However, the Big Ten could end up poaching more Pac-12 teams. 

It's been reported that the Big Ten is "targeting" multiple Pac-12 schools and Notre Dame for expansion. That could include Oregon and potentially Washington, Stanford and Cal. 

If any more Pac-12 schools leave for the Big Ten, the storied west coast conference will be in serious jeopardy.