Lane Kiffin is Quietly Building the Best CFB Twitter Account of All Time

The Owls coach is one of the best in the land right now.

You either love or hate Lane Kiffin, there's no in-between.


The FAU coach has been killing it on Twitter lately and everyone is taking notice. Usually coaches have a tendency to be dry and uninteresting, but Kiffin is a horse of a different color. He's fun, keeps up with the latest news, and doesn't mind a little trolling here and there. For recruits looking for a fun-loving coach who isn't afraid to engage on social media, it would be hard not to look at Kiffin's program.  






Kiffin's social media cleverness is catching on and even spilling over to his football team's account.



If you're into college football in any capacity, Kiffin may be a must-follow on the list.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 13:25

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