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Lane Kiffin Takes Clear Shot At Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M

Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss Rebels Football

Ole Miss may have suffered its first loss of the season last weekend, but that didn't stop Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin from taking a shot at his next opponent.

Of course, Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher is an easy target right now.

In advance of this week's matchup between the Aggies and the Rebels, Kiffin addressed Texas A&M defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin, who spent the past two seasons on Kiffin's staff before leaving to join up with Fisher at Texas A&M.

According to Travis L. Brown of The Eagle, Kiffin said he tried to keep Durkin, but he got "out-bid" by Texas A&M.

He then twisted the knife by saying that's a "common theme" with the Aggies, an insinuation that Fisher and his staff landed their nation's-best recruiting class in 2022 by buying players through name, image and likeness deals.

"Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin said they tried to keep DC DJ Durkin when he was being courted by the Aggies. 'We got out bid. Kind of common theme with that program,' he said of the Aggies." -- Travis L. Brown

The last time someone implied that Texas A&M bought its recruiting class it was Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Even though name, image and likeness deals are now allowed by the NCAA, that prompted an epic rant from Fisher during which he called Saban's comments "despicable."

We'll see if Fisher fires back at Kiffin, who has never been able to resist stirring the pot. However, Fisher would probably be better served spending his time trying to find a way to end Texas A&M's current three-game losing streak.