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Lee Corso Won't Pick Auburn on College GameDay Because He's Not Allowed to Wear Aubie's Head


People tune in every Saturday morning to watch the talking heads of ESPN and hear their analysis for the day ahead. 

Lee Corso, arguably one of the most respected in the business, made it a Saturday tradition to put on the headgear of his prediction for which team will win the game of the day. From Oregon's duck to Alabama's elephant, they've all rested on the shoulders of Corso.

The only mascot he's never done had the pleasure of donning is Auburn's Aubie. The ESPN personality revealed that he's not allowed to wear the headgear of Auburn the Tiger. Only Aubies can be Aubie.

Corso's way around that is simple... he may have to pick the other team.

The "no talking rule" would definitely rule out Corso. The GameDay host did find a way around it last year when he picked the Tigers over Ole Miss, but it definitely wasn't the same.


Another interesting tidbit to add to the story is that Corso isn't allowed to wear Florida State headgear anymore, but for a very different reason.