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Look: Another Angle Of The Michigan Stadium Tunnel Incident

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 11.58.16 AM

Another video angle, courtesy of ESPN's coverage, has emerged of the Michigan Stadium tunnel incident on Saturday night. 

Several Michigan State players appeared to gang up on two Michigan football players in the stadium's tunnel after the game. 

The Big Ten, Michigan and law enforcement is involved in an extensive investigation that could result in legal action. 

Here's a look at a critical piece of evidential video that will likely be used:

"ESPN captured tunnel video of the Michigan State incident with Michigan after the game on Saturday," said Brad Galli. 

Jim Harbaugh has seen multiple angles of the incident. He calls them "sickening" and demands action be taken. 

“I’ll provide an update: Right now we have an ongoing police investigation. What happened in the tunnel was egregious,” Harbaugh said, per Brad Galli of WXYZ Detroit. “It’s sickening to watch the videos. The ones that are on social media right now and also the ABC tunnel cam—it’s in a higher elevation, it shows much more of what took place. As I said, those are sickening to watch.”

Hopefully action is taken against the Michigan State players who were involved.