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Look: Cheez-It Bowl Game's Hotel Room For Players Goes Viral

Cheez-It Bowl Game

Cheez-It Bowl Game

The College Football Playoff made headlines Thursday when it officially announced plans to expand to 12 teams starting in 2024.

But the real news from the sport's postseason came a few hours later. 

Cheez-It, which has been asserting itself more and more as a presence in the bowl game scene, first sponsoring the Cheez-It Bowl in 2020, then taking over as the title sponsor of the Citrus Bowl starting this season, made headlines Thursday when it revealed an, umm, unique feature for the two games.

Cheez-It announced that two players from each team in each of its sponsored bowl games will get to stay in a "Feelin' the Cheeziest" hotel room the night prior to the matchup.

Whatever you might have imagined a Cheez-It-themed hotel room might look like, Cheez-It has assuredly outdone your expectations.

According to a release from Kellogg, Cheez-It will be able to provide the rooms to players through a name, image and likeness deal. Per the release, the rooms will feature "Cheez-It box bedside table lamps, Cheez-It orange and yellow mood lighting and unbe-cheez-able plush pillows for the cheeziest sleep of their dreams."

The Cheez-It Bowl will be played Dec. 29 between teams from the ACC and the Big 12, while the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl will be Jan. 2 and feature contestants from the Big Ten and SEC.

Assuming the goal was to generate some fan interest in a pair of bowl games outside the New Year's Six structure, Cheez-It seems to have succeeded. The hotel rooms have gone viral on social media.

"I would fight my entire team to stay here," one fan tweeted.

The decked-out rooms might serve in part as a carrot to keep players from opting out of the two bowl games, a phenomenon growing in popularity in recent seasons. 

But Cheez-It is not just taking care of the players. It also announced that select fans will be able to stay in replicas of the hotel room inside Camping World Stadium in Orlando, the host of both games, and then watch the games from the on-field suites, located behind the end zones.

Fans who attend the Cheez-It Bowl pep rallies on Dec. 28 will have a chance to win, per the release.

You have to credit Cheez-It, which markets itself as "absurdly cheesy," for going all-out to embrace that slogan.

All eyes will be on Orlando to see which players earn a night in the coveted Cheez-It hotel rooms, as well as reviews of their stays.

By this time next year, we just might see college football players and fans alike clamoring for their teams to prioritize a Cheez-It Bowl bid over any postseason game outside of the College Football Playoff.