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Which college program gets to claim Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, Ohio State or LSU? 

With Burrow continuing to exceed expectations by leading Cincinnati to a second straight AFC title game this week, the above question is once again trending on social media. 

Burrow was asked to share his thoughts on the debate earlier in the week. His answer might surprise you. 

Take a look. 

"I'm definitely still a Buckeye, I graduated from there. Still have relationships to this day that I wouldn't have without being there. I'm still in contact with coach Mick [Marotti] and coach [Ryan] Day and Corey [Dennis], all those guys. I'm still a Buckeye," Burrow said.  

While Burrow won a Heisman and National Championship with LSU, it appears he still holds Ohio State close to his heart. 

Does the football world agree with Burrow's assessment? 

Yes and no. 

One fan tweeted, "but that natty and heisman say LSU…"

A Buckeye supporter, Travis, wonders why the football community is so heated about the topic. 

"I love how truly mad people get when Ohio State fans claim him.. Like yeah obviously the reason he went number 1 overall was LSU, but Burrow himself still claims and loves Ohio State," he wrote. 

Another Ohio State fan posted this GIF.