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Look: Magic Johnson's Late Message For Deion Sanders Goes Viral

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

Former multi-sport star and ex-head coach of the Jackson State Tigers Deion Sanders received an outpouring of support when he got the head coaching job at Colorado. 

Among those lavishing Sanders with praise was Basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. The former Laker great and president of the team sent warm congratulations to Sanders. 

His succinct tweet read, "Congratulations to Coach Deion Sanders on being named the head coach of University of Colorado!"

This is all well and good, with the exception of one detail: Magic congratulated Sanders today, Dec. 8th. Sanders and Colorado made their alignment official five days ago on Dec. 3rd. 

Oops. While Magic's tardy tweet has already taken off and gone viral, it's not exactly a new occurrence. Johnson's brand of amusing, eccentric thoughts have produced a cult fanbase of his Twitter account. 

As one such example, Magic in 2014 tweeted: "The only way San Antonio or Miami don't win the championship is if neither team makes the finals."

As could be expected, Magic's Twitter audience is having lighthearted fun with this latest gaffe. Barstool's Colorado page sarcastically asked Magic for a source on this news, and another user joked "Wait til you hear about what happened to Internet Explorer."