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Look: Notable Change Made To Ryan Day's Wikipedia Page

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day

Michigan rocked the college football world by not just beating Ohio State on Saturday but routing its rival 45-23.

The beatdown in Ohio Stadium was a brutal blow for the Buckeyes, which had national championship aspirations this season but now won't win their own division for the second season in a row.

Head coach Ryan Day has borne the brunt of the backlash. That continued Monday with a funny edit to his Wikipedia page.

Someone altered Day's page to list his birthplace as "Third Base," a reference to Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh's jab at Day following the Wolverines' win in 2021.

A year ago, after Michigan's first victory over Ohio State in 10 years, Harbaugh said of Day "sometimes, there are people standing on third base that think they hit a triple, ... but they didn't."

Harbaugh has since claimed that was a counter-punch to Day saying he wanted Ohio State to "hang a hundred" on Michigan prior to last season's matchup.

Despite his team almost getting halfway to 100 on Saturday, Harbaugh was much more subdued this time around. The closest he came to smack-talking Ohio State during his postgame press conference was when he said "it's great to sing The Victors in Columbus."

A second straight loss to Ohio State has put Day under some heat from his fanbase, despite the fact that he's gone 45-5 in five seasons as a head coach, including 43-3 in the regular season. 

A lot of that has to do with the root of Harbaugh's "third base" comment: Day inherited a juggernaut from former coach Urban Meyer, and while Ohio State certainly has not struggled since Meyer left, the Buckeyes also haven't gotten back to winning a national title.

Day and the Buckeys could still flip the script this season. Ohio State would likely still make the four-team College Football Playoff field with losses by either TCU or USC in their league title games, keeping their national championship hopes alive. They might even get a rematch with Michigan if both the Trojans and Horned Frogs go down.

But for the moment, Wolverine fans are relishing in their victory, and things have to be uncomfortable for Day in Columbus.