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Look: Ohio State Botched Fake Punt Attempt vs. Michigan On Saturday

Ohio State punts the ball vs. Michigan

Ohio State punts the ball vs. Michigan

A bid at an undefeated season ended for Ohio State on Saturday as the No. 2-ranked Buckeyes fell to the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines, 45-23. 

Critical penalties, blown coverage assignments and massive chunk plays allowed by the Buckeyes led to the eventual rout, but according to one college football analyst, the mistakes didn't stop there. 

Per a tweet this morning by Ross Fulton, Ohio State appeared to mishandle a fake punt in the third quarter whilst down 24-20. 

"Here is what was supposed to be a fake punt for OSU in 3Q down 24-20 on drive Stroud wanted to go for it. Likely a TD if the long snapper snaps it to Rossi like he’s supposed to. Might have changed the game. Coulda, woulda. Does change my impression of Day’s actions tho," Fulton said.

With just over six minutes left in the third quarter, Ohio State faced a fourth-and-10 from the Michigan 48 yard line. 

In position for a would-be punt, the Buckeyes appeared to show some confusion on special teams before ultimately snapping the ball back to punter Jesse Mirco, who did not look like he expected it to come his way. 

Tight end Mitch Rossi (#34) also looked bewildered on the fourth down play, almost as if he was anticipating the ball on a fake punt rush. 

A Michigan touchdown on their ensuing possession moved the Ohio State deficit up to 11, a mark in which the Buckeyes could never overcome. 

While unclear if the fake punt would have impacted the game, its poor execution marks another mistake made by the Buckeyes in now their second straight loss to the Wolverines. 

Ohio State will need a lot of help this weekend in order to make a return to the College Football Playoff.