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Look: Tennessee Fans Suffers Serious Injury While Celebrating Alabama Upset

Tennessee Volunteers fans

What would you do if your favorite team beat their rival for the first time in 16 years? 

Many fans might scream, while others may choose to light up their favorite cigar or even carry goal posts into a nearby river. 

But one Tennessee fan, elated after watching his Volunteers knock off Alabama 52-49 for the first time in over a decade, took things a little too far in his celebration. 

Twitter user and Volunteer fan @IBleedOrange05 was caught on video celebrating the win, although appearing to tear his ACL in the process. You can find that video here

The post not only showed the celebration video, but a photo which seems to be confirmation of the injury from the fan's doctor as well. 

In the aftermath, other twitter users chimed in to offer their support to the injured fan. 

"Oh no... this is hilarious in one way, but I feel so bad for you," twitter user @im_winzane replied. 

Seemingly unfazed and still riding high from the Volunteer victory, the original injury victim said it was worth it and he'd do it all over again. 

"Worth it and I’d do it again!" @IBleedOrange05 tweeted in reply to concern about his injury.