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Major Pac-12 School Reportedly 'Initiated' Discussions With Big Ten In Chicago

Oregon Ducks

The Pac-12 was blindsided when, earlier this year, it was announced USC and UCLA will be leaving the conference for the Big Ten. Now, other major Pac-12 schools may be trying to follow in the Bruins' and Trojans' footsteps.  One of those schools is the University of Oregon. 

Oregon reportedly "initiated" discussions with the Big Ten recently. The meeting was held in Chicago and ultimately to determine whether or not the Ducks are compatible with the conference. 

Big names like Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren, Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens and outgoing University of Oregon president Michael Schill - who's leaving to become the new university president at Northwestern - were not present at the meeting. It's still notable, though, that a meeting was held. 

"Oregon initiated preliminary discussions in Chicago w/Big Ten to determine if Ducks are compatible in B1G, source told @ActionNetworkHQ. Outgoing UO president Michael Schill, AD Rob Mullens & B1G commish Kevin Warren not involved in any discussions in Chicago, another source said," said Brett McMurphy.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren admitted recently that he foresees his conference growing to 20 teams. With USC and UCLA in the fold, that puts the Big Ten at 16. 

It's been thought all along that Oregon, Notre Dame, Stanford and Washington could be natural fits in the Big Ten. Each meets the Big Ten's academic qualifications and have strong athletic departments. 

Should the Big Ten next add the University of Oregon?

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