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Mario Cristobal Has Honest Admission On Miami's Recent Struggles

The Miami Hurricanes have lost four of their past five games after starting the 2022 season 2-0. 

When asked why the team hasn't continued to develop during their recent 1-4 stretch, head coach Mario Cristobal resorted to placing blame on the media.

In an article posted on On3 Sports this afternoon, Cristobal was quoted saying the following about the media's impact on Miami's season:

"I think you guys try to affect it more than anything. We have, from day one, made it very clear what we’re here to do and what we’re here to build. Our history has shown that we don’t sell a dream, we don’t sell any false hope. We sell the reality of a track record in what we’ve done, where we’ve been, and how we’ve done it," Cristobal said.

The "track record," as Cristobal calls it, is likely a reference to his 35-13 record as head coach of the Oregon Ducks. 

In his best season, 2019, Cristobal led Oregon to a 12-2 record while also winning the Rose Bowl. 

While this season has not gone according to expectations for Miami, Cristobal is confident the Hurricanes can turn things around for the rest of this season and beyond.

"We’re at our starting point. We’re going with what we started with and making it the very best that we can. It’s a different starting point than at other places and that’s fine too. There is no flinch. There is no hesitation. It’s just time to go to work," Cristobal continued.

Miami will likely need to win three out of their remaining five games this season to become bowl eligible in 2022. 

They'll travel to Virginia this week with hopes to get back to 4-4 on the year.