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Maryland Hopes to Spark New Big Ten Rivalry Against Penn State

Randy Edsall

Randy Edsall

It may be years before we can fairly pinpoint the most extreme low point of Penn State’s sanction era, but there may be a new leader in the clubhouse. Maryland made the trip Beaver Stadium to face its new Big Ten neighbor to the north, mixed things up with Penn State as the teams took the field, refused to shake hands during the coin flip and then went home celebrating a 20-19 victory. Maybe Penn State is down, now losers of four straight for the first time since 2004, but one thing looked to be clear Saturday afternoon. Maryland is ready to consider Penn State a rival.

“Let the rivalry begin now,” Maryland head coach Randy Edsall said after the game. “Let it begin. There should be a trophy for this game. It’s a bordering state. Let’s have some fun. Let’s make it really competitive.”

This was just the second time Maryland has won a game against Penn State. Penn State now leads the all-time series 35-2-1, with the series dating back to 1917 and now revived with Maryland and Penn State in the same division in the same conference for the first time. With Penn State and Maryland now in the same conference, the tensions should continue to boil in the future, and it begins with recruiting.

After being hired to be Penn State’s new head coach, James Franklin went on a bus tour to meet alums all around the northeast. That tour included a notable drive through Maryland and Washington D.C., where Franklin made it clear to the Penn State faithful Penn State would have a strong presence in recruiting in the region. Franklin was so strong about his intentions he indirectly suggested Maryland should just shut down (same as Rutgers). This, of course, did not sit well with some Maryland fans who caught wind of the statements from Franklin.

Penn State and Maryland have been competing for the same recruits in the same territory for generations, so 2014 and beyond is nothing new. But the stakes just got a little higher, and Maryland went all in on Saturday. Maryland’s captains went out to midfield for the pregame coin flip and just stood there, staring blankly as the Penn State captains extended hands for a pregame handshake. The non-handshake resulted in an unsportsmanlike penalty, and Edsall took no responsibility for the incident. This one was on the players, intent to make a statement before the game started.

Of course, the best way to send a message is by putting more points on the scoreboard. Maryland did just that. Time will tell if Maryland can keep this going once Penn State supposedly gets back to full strength, but perhaps this was the start of a new rivalry for years to come.

“We think that we set the tone for the rivalry going forward,” Maryland tight end P.J. Gallo.

You sure did P.J. Let’s see if Maryland decides to shake hands next.

-By Kevin McGuire (@KevinonCFB)