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Maurice Clarett Blasts Academic-Athletic Culture in Wake of Chris Borland Retirement

Maurice Clarett

Maurice Clarett

Opinions are plentiful regarding San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland’s decision to retire from the NFL at age 24 citing concerns of the potential for debilitating head injuries.

One voice the rose above the din was that of former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett.

In a series of tweets from @ReeseClarett13, the freshman star of the 2002 national champions was critical of coaches athletic programs that usher athletes through what he calls “nonsense degrees” to keep them eligible.

The criticism comes not only amid the Borland retirement but at the same time of a wide-reaching controversy at North Carolina involving bogus classes for athletes and widespread fraud in the Afro-American Studies major.

Here is what Clarett Tweeted on Tuesday morning:

Clarett rushed for 1,237 yards and 18 touchdowns for the 14-0 Buckeyes who upset Miami for the national title in 2002. His path to stardom was derailed when he was dismissed from Ohio State for receiving improper benefits before his sophomore year.

Clarett attempted to enter the 2004 NFL Draft but had to wait until 2005 when he was drafted in the third round. After he was cut by the Denver Broncos, Clarett was jailed for three-and-half years after a police chase in 2006.

Now living in Columbus, Clarett has taken on an active role in mentoring young athletes.