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Mel Tucker Makes His Expectation Of Michigan State Fans Very Clear

Mel Tucker, Michigan State Spartans Football

Mel Tucker and the Michigan State Spartans are in a bad spot right now. 

The storied Big Ten program has just two wins through six games and is 0-3 in conference play. 

The Michigan State fan base, meanwhile, has lost all hope on the season. 

Tucker revealed this Monday afternoon that he can't expect his team's fans to remain committed if the Spartans aren't playing good football.

“Quite frankly, I don’t have an expectation of unconditional support from anyone in my life,” said Tucker. “Period. Maybe a handful of people. How am I supposed to feel about it? What do I say to the fans? When we play football so you can be proud of that brand football out there that you expect, then we’ll get more of what we want from our fans.”

Well said, coach. 

The reality is that anytime a team is 2-4 to start the season fans are going to lose faith and stop attending games. 

Hopefully the Spartans can string together a few wins in the latter half of the season and get fans back in the stands this fall.