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Miami Beats Duke With Improbable Touchdown on Final Play of Game

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Crazy. That’s about the best way to sum up the ending to Saturday night’s Miami-Duke game.

After the Blue Devils scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion in the final minute to take a 27-24 lead, Miami scored on an improbable kick return to win 30-27. The Hurricanes used eight laterals to move the ball around the field, with Corn Elder eventually breaking free for the touchdown.

However, the ending wasn’t without controversy. A lengthy review ensued as the officials checked whether or not a knee was down or if any of the laterals were a forward pass. Despite some evidence to suggest a knee was down, as well as a block in the back – was it reviewed or not and eventually removed? – the referees confirmed the Miami touchdown, giving interim coach Larry Scott the victory.

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Another Saturday, another crazy finish.