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Michigan Fans Are Furious With Initial College Football Playoff Ranking

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines Football

The first College Football Playoff rankings for 2022 were released Tuesday evening, with Tennessee, Ohio State, Georgia and Clemson rounding out the top four spots.

Michigan fans, however, believe the Wolverines deserved a higher spot in the initial rankings, and some even took to twitter to express their frustrations with the playoff committee. 

"Ohio State and Michigan have both played one half decent football team: Penn State. Ohio State beat them 44-31. Michigan beat them 41-17. Ohio State is 2. Michigan is 5. Sure," CBS Sports' writer Shehan Jeyarajah said following the release of the initial CFP rankings this evening. 

According to Jeyarajah, the fact that Michigan defeated Penn State by a larger margin than Ohio State, but still rank behind the Buckeyes, is confusing. 

One piece of information worth mentioning is that Michigan played Penn State at home, while the Buckeyes took on the Nittany Lions on the road. 

Nonetheless, Michigan will have the chance to prove they're the best team in the Big Ten when they take on the Buckeyes in their regular season finale less than four weeks from today. 

This weekend, though, Michigan will travel to New Jersey to face the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.