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Michigan Announces Monday Update On Assistant Coach Mike Hart

Michigan assistant coach Mike Hart

A terrifying moment unfolded during the Michigan vs. Indiana football game last Saturday afternoon. 

Michigan assistant coach Mike Hart reportedly collapsed on the sideline during the game. He was carted off the field and taken to a hospital in an ambulance. 

This Monday morning, the Wolverines updated us all on the situation with a statement from Hart himself. 

He is back in Ann Arbor and his health is "trending in the right direction," according to the statement. 

"I would like to thank everyone for their support, messages, and prayers," Hart said. "I am truly grateful for the trainers and paramedics, the doctors and nurses at IU Hospital, Michigan's team doctors, coaching staff, players and Coach Harbaugh. I would also like to thank IU's football staff and team doctors. I will never forget everyone's kindness and generosity. 

"My wife and I are thankful to be surrounded by such incredible people.

"Health-wise, I am back in Ann Arbor and things are trending in a positive direction. I look forward to rejoining our team soon.

"- Mike Hart"

We certainly wish Mike Hart all the best in his recovery. 

Hopefully the team's running backs coach can return to the coaching staff soon. 

The Wolverines, meanwhile, beat the Hoosiers of Indiana 31-10 on Saturday.