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Michigan Football Player Reportedly Taking Legal Action Following Tunnel Incident

Michigan vs. Michigan State

A Michigan football player has decided to take legal action against those involved in the stadium tunnel incident on Saturday night. 

Gemon Green, a defensive back for the Michigan Wolverines, and his family reportedly plan to press charges against Michigan State players involved in the scuffle. 

The Green family alleges Gemon was struck with a helmet in the face, back and shoulder. 

"I spoke to the father of Gemon Green, the Michigan football player hit with a helmet in the tunnel. He said the family is planning to press charges and take legal action on those involved. He said Gemon was struck with a helmet in the face, back and shoulder," said Tom VanHaaren.

This falls in line with what Jim Harbaugh said during his postgame press conference on Saturday night. He revealed two of his Michigan football players were assaulted, Gemon Green being one of them. 

The Big Ten has already opened an investigation into the matter and severe discipline could follow. 

There is also calls for Michigan Stadium to create another tunnel to avoid incidents like this in the future. The storied Big Ten stadium has just one tunnel, which often leads to players of opposing teams meeting each other in the single tunnel. 

To avoid situations like this in the future the Wolverines should create a separate tunnel for road teams to use.