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Michigan Player Compares Ohio State To Popular Marvel Superhero

Ohio State vs. Michigan

If you're a fan of college football and superheroes, Monday afternoon has offered you plenty of content. 

Ahead of Saturday's rivalry clash between the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh likened the matchup to something you'd see in the Marvel Universe. 

While Harbaugh likely used the term "superheroes" in a figurative sense, defensive tackle Mazi Smith chose to run with the analogy and take it a step further. In Smith's eyes, his Wolverines are Batman while Ohio State are "Iron Man, or something."

The lighthearted nature of Smith's take opens the door to several questions. What about the Wolverines makes them similar to Batman? Are any of the Buckeyes available to comment on whether they agree with Smith's Iron Man comparison?

The upbeat nature of Smith's quote belies the seriousness of Saturday's matchup, which the junior was first to admit. 

"Throughout the week at practice everyone knows how serious we gotta take it," Smith told Marlee Wierda of WOOD TV8. "There’s no moment too big. If you’re playing in this game, you’re supposed to be here."