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Michigan State Football Player's Lawyer Claims Wolverines Player Started Tunnel Fight

Michigan State helmet

A new and somewhat shocking revelation pertaining to the late-October tunnel incident between Michigan and Michigan State was brought into the spotlight today. 

The altercation, which happened in the tunnel of Michigan Stadium following the Wolverines' 29-7 victory over the Spartans, has led to several Michigan State players being suspended for their actions leading up to the incident. 

This Tuesday afternoon, however, an attorney representing one of the suspended Michigan State players is claiming a Wolverine actually started the skirmish by "charging with his helmet and throwing a punch." 

"Attorney Dave Diamond representing one of the suspended MSU players alleges a Michigan player 'engaged with Spartan athletes with his helmet and swinging a punch'," Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press tweeted Tuesday.

The attorney, Dave Diamond, claimed near top of the statement that a "Michigan player started the altercation" in addition to his team discovering "major security failures in Ann Arbor." 

Diamond continued by taking a shot at Wolverines' head coach Jim Harbaugh, saying, "the media has taken the bait from a coach and master victim and his howls at the moon." 

After stating once again that a Michigan player started the altercation, Diamond felt the need to mention several incidents featuring prominent Wolverines to further prove his point: 

"Where were the screams from Ann Arbor to criminally charge Coach Howard with assault or Devon Bush with with felony vandalism... The hypocrisy is painful. While we acknowledge wrongdoing by all parties, this is not an incident that warrants criminal charges being filed. We have seen similar behavior and even worse on the gridiron and suddenly because it happens in a tunnel, known for incompetent security and poor post-game management, there are calls for criminal charges." 

Diamond closed his statement by noting that he was once a student at Michigan State and has personally experienced the "moral superiority" claims he says are made by Wolverine fans. 

While the investigation into the October 29th incident remains ongoing, Harbaugh and the families of the impacted Wolverine players remain insistent that criminal charges are filed.