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Michigan State Shocks Michigan With Incredible Touchdown on Last Play

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 6.30.57 PM.png

The ending of Saturday’s Michigan-Michigan State game probably won’t be topped this season.

The Wolverines were all set to celebrate a huge rivalry victory over the Spartans. With just 10 seconds left on the clock, Michigan was set for a routine play: A punt. However, what was supposed to be a routine play turned into disaster.

Michigan’s punter mishandled the snap, and in the process of trying to pick up the ball and kick again, the ball was fumbled and ended up in the hands of Michigan State’s Jalen Watts-Jackson. And Watts-Jackson etched a place in this rivalry’s history by returning the fumble for a touchdown, giving the Spartans a 27-23 victory. Crazy.

Here’s the crazy play that transpired in Ann Arbor as the clock expired: