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Nebraska Football: 5 Revised Bold Predictions for the Cornhuskers' 2020 Season

Nebraska Football: 5 Revised Bold Predictions for the Cornhuskers' 2020 Season

Nebraska Football: 5 Revised Bold Predictions for the Cornhuskers' 2020 Season

As is rapidly becoming an overall sports tradition in 2020, college football is being played at a fluid pace. With this in mind, it's time to take a step back and reassess. Especially after the extremely loud insistence by Nebraska and other key Big Ten schools that a postponement of a fall season was unacceptable. After two less-than-stellar years, the Huskers may as well embrace the chaos and thrive in spite of it.

If even a few of the following suggestions actually happen, this season will inevitably be a success.

1. Brody Belt becomes a key piece of the offense

Belt's been a running back for a minute. Considering how deep Ryan Held's room is, a move to wide receiver is how he sees the field. He's a scrapper and who doesn't like those? The kid's more than grit and determination, though.

Backing up Wan'Dale Robinson at the DUCK-R position, Belt isn't as dynamic but few on the roster are. However, he can be clutch for Frost as a guy that can move the chains with efficiency. The kind of player who causes smoke to blow out the ears of opposing fans, defensive coordinators, etc. The Huskers have seen a few of those on the other sideline lately. It's about time the shoe switches feet.

Will he match Robinson's yardage? Unlikely, but he'll put Nebraska in a position to score more often. In the end, this is a team sport and Belt is all about achieving the program's ultimate goals, spotlight or no.

2. Kade Warner will be directly responsible for at least two wins

Currently sporting the most dashing of facial hair – at least as of this writing – Warner was not only recently awarded a scholarship, he also was voted a captain by his teammates. Whether busting out a whiteboard to break down plays during football watch parties or addressing the media, his cerebral approach to the game is glaringly obvious.

The idea that he seals a pair of victories for Nebraska isn't especially far-fetched. This isn't saying his typical bullying perimeter blocking eventually sets the stage for a game-winning drive, either. We're talking a key hit a la Kenny Bell circa the 2012 Big Ten Championship Game. Busting free for a gorgeous toe-dragging catch that's reviewed 15 times. Or even the guy throwing for one like dear old dad.

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3. Ronald Thompkins will be Nebraska's second-leading rusher

For context, Dedrick Mills will be the Huskers' starting running back. Frost is committed to riding him all the way towards whatever success the Big Red finds this season. Thompkins has apparently shined through fall camp, exceeding expectations.

A guy who's seen multiple knee surgeries over the past three years outperforming Rahmir Johnson, Sevion Morrison, and Marvin Scott III is impressive in itself.

Since Frost has arrived, the quarterback who starts most frequently has taken the rushing chart's No. 2 spot. Not especially surprising considering the need for high-caliber, dual-threat talent for his offense to run properly. However, if history is any indication, we'll be seeing multiple starters in 2020.

Thompkins lays claim to the final No. 2 spots behind Mills on the depth and rushing sheets due to split duties between Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey.

4. Matt Farniok stays at right guard for the entire season

Redshirt freshman Bryce Benhart is poised to start at right tackle allowing Farniok to slip inside to a role far more suited to his abilities. If Benhart can't go for whatever reason, logically Farniok bounces back outside. However, Greg Austin has brought this group along to an impressive degree. Christian Gaylord and/or Brant Banks make the necessary jump allowing Farniok to remain on the interior and maximize his presence on the field.

5. Nebraska makes a bowl game under usual circumstances

On the surface, this seems far from a mind-blowing event. But there are now two fewer games on Nebraska's front-loaded schedule featuring most of the Big Ten's strongest baddies. Since there's an odd number of games, winning as many as they lose is impossible. Considering the absurdity we've experienced over the past 10 months, it's time to give every scenario even more than a slim non-zero chance. Yes, that includes beating Ohio State. Because why not?

Let's embrace the seemingly ludicrous. Not only does Nebraska hit that five-win benchmark topping the .500 mark, the Huskers do one better. Even if the extremely relaxed qualifications for a team to be bowl eligible weren't in place, this team Huskers ticks enough boxes to see the postseason for the first time since Scott Frost arrived.

— Written by Brandon Cavanaugh, part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@eightlaces). To contact him, click here.