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New Jersey Columnist Says Jim Harbaugh's Word "Means Nothing"


Another day, another Jim Harbaugh hot take.

This one comes from columnist Steve Politi, who claims the Michigan head coach can't be trusted. After the drama with Erik Swenson and Rashad Weaver, the columnist took to twitter with a link (along with a very unflattering picture) to his latest piece on Harbaugh and his recruiting style.

In the article, for those who don't want to even give it a hate-click, Politi writes:

"What Harbaugh is doing at Michigan now is more than just a little creepy. It's unconscionable. For the second time in a week, Harbaugh has told a player who had previous pledged a commitment that, well, thanks for that but we can do better with someone else."

Why is Harbaugh and Michigan on a New Jersey writer's radar you ask? It's because Harbaugh is bringing in recruits from the state of New Jersey, and that could potentially cause a problem for Rutgers.

"You hope the players who are making that pledge to Michigan now are doing so with their eyes wide open," Politi said. "If Harbaugh can't keep his word on the recruiting trail, can he be trusted to do so once players get on campus?"

Politi ends with the fact that no college football coach is completely clean but, in his opinion, Harbaugh takes it to another level.

It will interesting to see if writers from the Detroit Free Press have a response waiting in the cue.