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NFL Teams Reportedly Turned Off By Connor Cook's Actions


Not everyone is impressed with Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook.

Back in the old days they would call it not "liking the cut" of someone's jib. That thing you just can't put your finger on about a person, but you know you don't like them for some reason. That's how the Spartans star comes off to some people. After Cook's acceptance of the Big Ten Championship game MVP trophy from Archie Griffin didn't come off the way he planned, he ended up apologizing for his actions. Case closed, right?

Wrong. Some teams around the NFL see that as a sign that this guy would not be a good addition to the locker room. Todd McShay joined "Russillo & Kanell" and was asked if Cook's decision to stay in school this year has helped his draft stock.

"On the field — helped," McShay said. "Off the field, there are some real questions. It's amazing. Everyone I talk to — the fact that he was not a captain, the way he carries himself, [there's] a little bit of a Jay Cutler, turns people off."

McShay said those words are coming directly from NFL teams.

"It started from all the NFL scouts, teams doing due diligence on him," McShay continued. "So that's really gong to be a big thing. Now, he doesn't have the strongest arm in the world, and there are some minor things in his game that aren't great, but I really believe he would be a first-round pick if he was clean or perfect in terms of the intangibles and the personality that you're bringing in... He didn't help himself at all at the [Big Ten Championship] ceremony."

Cook will have a chance to show the world one final time what he can bring on and off the field when Michigan State faces Alabama on New Year's Eve.