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NFL Writer Floats Intriguing Head Coaching Idea For Ohio State

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day

Ryan Day

Ryan Day is facing some heat for Ohio State's embarrassing loss to the Michigan Wolverines last Saturday afternoon in Columbus. 

It's the second year in a row Day's Buckeyes have been beat, and beat badly for that matter, by Harbaugh and the Wolverines. 

Day's seat isn't hot, but it's likely getting warmer. And another loss to Michigan next season could be the end of his tenure in Columbus. 

In such a scenario, could a current NFL head coach be Ohio State's savior? That's exactly the idea one NFL writer has. Insert Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. '

"Column: Mike Vrabel's Ohio State is easy to imagine in the not-too-distant future," said Joe Rexrode. 

For an Ohio State that keeps getting punched in the mouth by tougher opponents, Mike Vrabel would right the ship rather quickly. 

Vrabel's smash-mouth style in Tennessee is feared by teams come playoff time when football matters most. Ryan Day and Co. could learn a thing or two. 

Perhaps Vrabel will be the solution-in-waiting at Ohio State if things go south for Day and the Buckeyes in 2023.