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Nick Bosa Deletes Pro-Trump Tweets in Case He Ends Up in San Francisco


Nick Bosa hasn't been drafted yet but is already thinking about his future.

Ahead of the NFL Draft, the Ohio State defenseman decided to delete tweets he felt could be problematic and possibly have an effect on his draft stock. In an interview with ESPN, Bosa talks about changing things up on his social media account.

Via ESPN: 

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"Last year he seemed to delight in posting political takes, including support for President Trump, on Twitter and needling dissenters. (He also caused a minor social media stir by criticizing Beyonce, Black Panther and Colin Kaepernick, all eventually deleted.) As the combine drew near, though, his online behavior grew increasingly bland. I asked why he seemed to abandon something he had previously embraced.

'I had to,' he says. 'There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.'"

Bosa once called Kaepernick a "clown" and when a fan didn't take too kindly to his harsh Black Panther take, he had a reply that's somewhat ironic in hindsight.

Apparently, they do.