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Nick Saban Has Surprising Admission About His Team's Behavior Before Tennessee Game

Nick Saban, Alabama Crimson Tide Football

The Alabama Crimson Tide hadn't lost to the Tennessee Volunteers in 16 years prior to Saturday's 52-49 upset in Knoxville. 

On Monday, Nick Saban shared his thoughts on what went wrong against the Volunteers, and specifically, what didn't happen pre-game. 

According to a Saturday Down South article posted this morning, Saban, as well as standout Alabama defensive lineman Will Anderson, noticed the team was tight and that the energy before kickoff felt different. 

“I thought we were tight, especially starting the game,” Saban noted. “Coming out of the locker room, our players always chant. They weren’t chanting. I said, ‘Why aren’t you guys chanting? What’s up with that?'”

Anderson shared some of the same concerns, as well. 

“Yeah, I think we just had a lot of anxiety… the intensity wasn’t where it needed to be,” Anderson said, reiterating what Saban mentioned. 

While the intensity didn't seem to be there for Alabama in the early stages of Saturday's matchup, the Crimson Tide marched back in the second half and provided college football fans one of the best games in recent history. 

Saban continued his quote by emphasizing what this Alabama team must do to become better equipped in high-leverage games such as this one. 

"Not looking at the scoreboard, not worrying about results, not being fearful of what’s going to happen if something bad happens, or if we lose the game,” Saban continued. “Just go play.”

Alabama, now No. 6 in the nation, will have another top-25 matchup this weekend as they host the 24th ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs.